I  was born and brought up in a small Catholic village of Jharkhand in India. Jharkhand is situated in centre east of India. After completing middle school in my parish at the age of 12 I entered into Jesuit boarding school. I spend 6 years in boarding school. Having completed higher secondary school, I decided to enter into The Society of Jesus. I chose Ranchi province. I spend one year as Jesuit candidate and the finally decided to enter into the noviciate. On 20th June, I 2007 entered novitiate and pronounced my first Vows in the Society of Jesus on 21 June 2009. For Juniorate I went to Patna neighbouring state. I spent one year. My university study was from 2010-2013 at St. Xavier College Ahmadabad, Gujarat. My philosophical study was from 2013-2015 at Loyola College Chennai, Tamil Nadu.  I returned to Ranchi, Jharkhand for regency. My regency was from 2015-2017. During regency I taught in high school and took care of boarding boys.  In 2017 July I moved to France for my theological study. I spent 3 and half years in Paris. I was ordained deacon on 20th June 2020. I returned to India in December 2020. I was ordained priest on 16 January 2021 in my home parish. Just after my ordination I spent 3 months in a parish as acting parish priest. In June 2021 I moved to a School and worked there as Vice Principal, English teacher and Treasurer. In 2022/23 I lived in Slovenia.