On the Volunteering day, The Jesuit College students went to the Mission Farm in Mrzla Luža. We publish a student’s experience with this journey.

The morning was cold, and we woke up too early. Twenty young men, in various stages of wakefulness but enthusiastic enough, set off on their journey towards the Dolenjska region, not knowing that the place they were going to was difficult to find. Our vans got lost on the way there, but they soon found their way again. In the heat of the moment, we found it quite amusing.

It was a day of volunteering, and this time we went to do something good on a small farm near the aptly named village of Mala Luža. The farm is a legacy donation from the previous owner to the Missionary Centre of Slovenia, and it is now being restored for a new use in the future. That morning we planted trees in the nearby forest, worked in the stables and did a few other minor house chores.

To work as efficiently as possible, we divided into several groups, each with its own task. I cannot offer a deeper insight into the workflow of each group, as I was in charge of cooking with Fr Ristić, and therefore I had less contact with other groups. According to the comments of my colleagues, it was fun work. 

It was delightful to prepare a well-earned lunch. The farm is a bit old and has an old-fashioned wood cooker called “Sporhet”.

Cooking over a real fire, as some of you probably know, is something special, and although it comes with challenges, it is highly satisfying. The dish we made, pasta alla bolognese, was delicious.

The main idea of this day was, in addition to volunteering, to connect as a community. Good connections and sincere relationships fill our lives with joy, and helping someone else while you have a good time is a bonus. The main benefit of the volunteering day is the time we spent together, listening to jokes, ideas and conversations we shared.

The morning passed quicker than we had imagined, and soon enough, in a perfect mood and pleasantly tired, a combination that almost always follows a fair share of active physical work, we found ourselves on our way home again.

Article written by Gaj Kušar